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One day, at the Osmania Graduates' Association Office, when Mr. Mir Ahmed Ali Khan, Mr. Mir Akbar Ali Khan (Bar-at-Law), Mr. Md. Abdul Wahab, Mr. Abdur Rahim, Mr. Mohammed Ali Khan, Raja Guru Das, Mr. Jagirdar, Mr. Mahmood Ali, M.A. (Lecturer city College, Osmania University), Mr. Shankarji (Assistant Assessor and Collector, Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad), Mr. Premji Lalji, Mr. Mohd. Farooque, H.C.S. (Asst. Commissioner, Municipal Corporation, Hyderabad) and Mr. Mohd. Ghouse were present, various suggestions were considered to raise the funds for the Association required for conducting an economic survey of the State. It struck to Mr. Mahmood Ali, Lecturer, City College, that the stalls erected in connections with Nizam's Silver Jubilee Numaish (Exhibition) at the Public Gardens, were not dismantled and could be utilised for conducting another Numaish (Exhibition) at minimum expenditure so as to secure necessary funds.

Farooque, H.C.S. Sri Abdur Raheem and Sri Khaja Hameed Ahmed were among the members of the Exhibition Commitee. Mr. Khaja Hameed Ahmed drafted the scheme and Prospectus of the first Exhibition.

The First Exhibition, consisting of about 100 stalls was hastily set up at Public Gardens, in Oct. 1938 (Azur 1348) . When the young graduates took the initiative of organising the Exhibition, what all the capital they had in their pocket was just two and half rupees which they spent on going around individuals and organisations to collect more funds and support.

Nawab Mehdi Nawaz Jung Bahadur, who was then the Municipal Commissioner of Hyderabad, came to the rescue of the newly formed Exhibition Committee by diverting some of the municipal staff for sanitation and cleanliness in the Exhibition arena, besides laying roads and providing other amenities.

The Rt. Hon'ble Sir Akbar Hyderi remarked in his Inaugural Address to the Graduates' Conference that the Exhibition was truly representative of practically every important indigenous industry and complimented the Association on its enterprise in organising it. Thus the Exhibition Society initially came into existence as a "Committee" of the Economic Committee which itself was a sub-committee of the Osmania Graduates' Association. The Economic Committee, through the newly constituted Exhibition Committee, conducted the first Exhibition in October, 1938 known as Numaish Masnuaat-e-Mulki. .
That the membership will be limited and members will not be paid any remuneration for the work rendered and that all the profits and savings will be utilised for the development purposes;

That all the efforts will be made to promote social, economic and industrial environment in the state in particular and in the country in general;

That the exhibition will be used as medium to educate people and to project an image of self-reliance and self-help.

The exhibition which was started in Public Gardens could not contain itself within the limited precincts. It was shifted to the present site of 23 acres in the year 1946 by Sir Mizra Ismail, who was then the Prime Minister of Hyderabad.

In 1956, the Exhibition Society was registered under the Companies Act, as a non-profit organisation. This necessity arose mainly due to its having attained an All India stature and also due to its wider scope.

Hence the Exhibition Society initiated yet another activity of financing and started setting up educational institutions, particularly for girls, as this was the most neglected sector in the state.

Over the last sixty seven years, several national and international dignitaries visited the All India Industrial Exhibition, Today some 2500 exhibitors from all over the country participate in All India Industrial Exhibition and about 25 – 35 lakh visitors visit the Exhibition during the 46 days, every year. We gratefully remember the founding fathers of this great organisation, among whom Late Sri 'Shankarji's name is the foremost in our minds.
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