Our Numaish

Our Numaish

India’s Oldest and Longest Open-air
Day & Night Winter Exhibition

The All India Industrial Exhibition, which has its origins in 1938 as”Numaish-Masunaat-e­ Mulki”, is an annual event eagerly awaited by traders from all over India and residents of Telangana. The 46-day event, also called ‘The Numaish’ is held every year from 1st January to 15th February, at the sprawling Exhibition Grounds. One can reach the Exhibition Grounds by foot from the nearby Hyderabad Railway Station. Being centrally located the Exhibition is accessible from all corners of the twin cities by road. It is surrounded by economy hotels, banks, GPO and other amenities.

This 46-day annual gala is considered one of the biggest trade events in South Asia. On an average about 20,00,000 people visit this exhibition every year. A notable feature of the exhibition is that vendors ranging from small to medium and large scale enterprises participate and attract visitors from all over the State.

Measures for Fire & Disaster Prevention & Safety during 80th All India Industrial Exhibition, 2020

The following measures are being added I supplemented by the Exhibition Society for Fire Prevention Measurements during the 80th All India Industrial Exhibition from 1st January 2020 to 15th February 2020 to ensure a safe and pleasant experience for visitors and exhibitors:

  • Underground sumps holding 3,00,000 liters of water fitted pumps with high power motors; underground pipelines running all over the Exhibition Grounds; 80 Water yard Hydrants connected with 2 hose pipes of 30 meter length to cover every nook and corner of the Exhibition Grounds.
  • Positioning water drums of 200 liter capacity along with buckets at regular intervals all over the Exhibition Grounds.
  • Positioning Fire Extinguishers at regular intervals all over th,e Exhibition Grounds and ensuring the same in all the stalls.

  • Fire Engines and Fire Motorcycles stationed in the Exhibition Grounds as being done every year.
  • Underground electrical cabling undertaken across the Exhibition Grounds replacing overhead power lines.
  • Erection of signages indicating all entry I exit points and locator maps for proper and speedy evacuation in times of emergency.
  • Prohibition of entry of gas cylinders into the Exhibition Grounds.
  • Provision of clear routes for smooth movement of vehicles and visitors.
  • Well-equipped Medical Centre manned by experienced Doctors and trained medical staff with availability of Ambulances to handle medical emergencies.
  • Public Address System to make regular announcements and also alert messages in case of emergencies.
  • CCTV surveillance with round the clock monitoring.
  • Entry I exit points manned by experienced security personnel with Dog Squads equipped with DFMD’s and HHMD’s, scanning and frisking all persons entering the Exhibition Grounds.
  • Prohibit items such as weapons, cigarettes, contraband material, explosive items, petroleum products, gas cylinders, etc.
  • 3 gates for entry & exit, and additional 6 gates for emergency exits along the periphery are provided for easy and quick evacuation of visitors.
  • Open spaces are provided at various locations for people to assemble during emergencies and easy evacuation from the nearest exit point.
  • 100% power backup through generator sets.
  • Training programs conducted for teams handling Internal Security, Watch & Ward, Volunteers, staff of Exhibition Society and stall holders by Telangana State Disaster Response & Fire Services Department.

The Exhibition is not just limited to shopping. It combines commerce and business with recreation and relaxation. Many fun-filled & special events are held at the Exhibition, which make it a much awaited event for a family outing. Master Chefs serve up delicious food at the food courts, satiating the taste buds of gourmets and connoisseurs. Musicians, Dances, Singers and Entertainers are there every day to keep the culturally inclined visitors happy. All the basic amenities and facilities such as on-site extension counters of nationalized banks and ATMs are a standard feature. A Radio Station plays old Hindi numbers to rekindle nostalgic memories.

The Numaish has remained one of the most joyous shopping festivals that one must be part of. It delivers equal value to vendors as well as buyers. There is something here for everyone.

If you are at the Numaish you will be seen by the whole of Hyderabad and rest of Telangana & India too.

Duration of the Exhibition

Business Days: The Exhibition shall be open on all days from 1st January to 15th February, 2020. The Managing Committee may however, at its discretion, change the dates of the Exhibition due to any unforeseen circumstances or extend the period of the Exhibition.

Business Hours: The Exhibition shall remain open to the public from 3.00 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. on week days & 11.00
p.m. on weekends and holidays (No sale shall be made after the close of the business hours each day and after the close of the exhibition). The Managing Committee reserves the right to change timings or notify certain dates and timings for admission exclusively for ladies and other classes of visitors. All exhibitors have to comply with such notification.

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