Press Release

Press Release

COMMENCEMNT of NUMAISH 2021 deferred till 31st Jan 2021

There is escalating concern about risk due to Covid-19 pandemic getting aggravated due to onset of winter and the oncoming festive season. Ministry of Home Affairs ( MHA ) Government of India vide Order No 40-3/2020-DM – 1(A) dated 25th Nov 2020 has directed that “Guideliness for Surveillance, Containment and Caution” issued on Sept 30, 2020, shall remain in force till January 31, 2021.

Our State has been diligently following the Guidelines and has managed to keep the pandemic in check. Our State Government is committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety in the interest of public good.

The Numaish every year, receives on an average 45,000 visitors per day and a total of over 20 Lakh visitors over 46 days. With such large crowds, the “Guidelines” cannot be humanly followed or enforced. Consequently we fear that the visitors, stall keepers and organizers will be exposed to unmanageable risk of the pandemic. This will be in direct conflict with the letter and spirit of the aforementioned guidelines

Therefore it is decided by the Managing Committee of the Exhibition Society that the commencement of the 81st All India Industrial Exhibition shall be deferred till 31st January 2021. For the First time in 72 years, the Exhibition is not starting on Jan 01 and will be our endeavor to start it at the earliest date after Jan 31st, The situation shall be reviewed from time to time to ascertain when and how the Exhibition can be held.

We wish to remind all concerned that we consider it to our sacred responsibility to organize and conduct the Exhibition. The Exhibition (Numaish) is an integral part of Hyderabad’s ethos and history. Visitors plan months in advance to make their purchases here. As you are all aware, the proceeds of the Exhibition are used to finance and support 20 educational and voluntary institutions, And several thousand small businesspersons, entrepreneur artisans and workers depend on the Exhibition for their livelihood. We also generate income for the Government by way of GST ( from sale of Tickets, stall rents as well as sales from shops) and Municipal Tax, etc. to the tune of Rs. 10 to Rs. 15 Crores.

The Exhibition Society wishes to reassure its loyal visitors, exhibitors and stall keepers that it shall maintain a state of readiness to organize the Exhibition as soon as the situation cases and the Government Guidelines and Advisories from Public Health Experts are favorable to conduct an event with such a large number of visitors every day for 46 days.

Dr. B. Prabha Shankar
Honorary Secretary


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